Kalvi kendra -Non profit ,Non Governmental and Egalitarian in nature Womens’ Emancipation Conference cum Workshop - Elimination of Open Defecation Programme

Welcome to Kalvi Kendra

Kalvi Kendra, a Resource Centre for Social Education & Development for the deprived sections .It is a Non Profit Voluntary Organization registered under Indian Trust Act.

It was started in the year 1982 to rehabilitate the victims of a communal violence. It continued to work for uplifting the poor and marginalized people by implementing and experimenting Community development,Community Organisation,relief and rehabilitation programs at the grass root level since the time of inception

Focus Group

  1. Economically Poor
  2. Socially Marginalized
  3. Vulnerable to Disaster
  4. Families living in below the Poverty line

Geographical Area where we are working

Focus area

Poverty Reduction & Livelihood Promotion

Women Empowerment

Health & Environment

Disaster Risk Management


Skill Development

Our approach

Building rapport with the communities

Poor to Beneficiaries

Building awareness on Socio-economic, Education and Cultural spheres

Formation of Community Based Organization

Facilitating Participatory assessment and planning

Education on the conceptual clarity to all the participating agencies before starting any program

Imparting training on attitudenal Change,Procedural aspects and skill Development (Technical, Managerial Skills)

Program implementation, Monitoring and evoluation

Adopting Sustainable strategies

Our Principles

Ensuring peoples’ participation in Planning,Implementation,Monitoring and Evoluation

Mobilizing Local resources

Engagement with Government Departments

Collaboration with elected PRI (Panchayat Raj Institutions)

Developing indicators for sustainibility

Intervention Steps:Education for awareness, Training and Implementation

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0 Peoples Impacted